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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Cosmoprof Preview! OPI MUPPETS!!

Ok, so I'm sure that you've seen the PR posts popping up lately on blogs about the much-anticipated OPI Muppets collection. I was lucky enough to visit the OPI booth, and though I wasn't lucky enough to meet Suzi, the genius behind all the amazing colors that OPI releases like Kimmi of The Plastic Diaries was, I still got my hands (and camera lens) on the incredible glitters that we have waiting for us this holiday!

I only photographed the glitters and 'Warm & Fozzy' from the other half of the collection, because I felt they were the most unique and awesome colors. :) In retrospect, I wish I had taken pictures of all of them, not just the ones I was gaga over. :-/

Here we go....


The glitters, closer to see polish names and see colors better.

THe Simply Moi half, mostly reds, but a few others (like Warm & Fozzy) tucked in!

NOW for the closeups!!! & OMG they're AMAZEBALLS.

Rainbow Connection. Seriously dying for this combination of multi-color (and SIZED!) glitter!
Do you SEE all those huge hex sequin glitter pieces? *dies*

Excuse Moi! This fun, pink glitter is sure to catch the attention of everyone!

Gone Gonzo. Gonzo was always one of my favorite muppets, and this amazing blue glitter 
with the addition of larger silver hex glitter mixed in is over-the-top awesome.

Fresh Frog of Bel Air. This is another of the collection that I absolutely NEED. (OK, I need ALL 
of the glitters!) Grass green glitter with larger silver hex glitter mixed in?
 It sure makes it easy being green. :)

Divine Swine. Lovely magenta glitter with larger silver hex glitter mixed in. 
Sensing a pattern? (an AWESOME pattern?!)

Getting' Miss Piggy with It. Fiery red glitter with cool silver hex glitter mixed in. 
Perfect for the holidays!

Warm & Fozzy. I heart this. It makes me feel all warm and, dare I say, FOZZY?! 
The OPI description says a metallic copper, but I don't see that at all really.
 I see a gorgeous brown-based and gold metallic foil in the bottle, 
but it could look different on the nail.

Blurry to show the amazing sparkle!!

OK, so I don't know how you guys feel about this collection, but I'm sure I can probably guess. This collection is amazing, and really shows what OPI can do with glitter. I cannot WAIT to get these on my hands and feet. The ones that I think I am most excited for are Rainbow Connection, Fresh Frog of Bel Air, and Warm & Fozzy. 

Which are YOUR favorites?!

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