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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Cosmoprof 2011 - China Glaze Preview!

Warning: VERY picture heavy! 

At Cosmoprof this year, I got the chance to check out all the awesome new stuff from one of my favorite nail polish brands, China Glaze! Luckily, I was lucky enough to be allowed to take photos, and I'm sharing them with you today!

There are SO many awesome collections coming up!  Let's start with Halloween!

There are 6 colors for Halloween:

Goulish Glow- A glow in the dark polish
Black Crackle- a black crackle
Crimson - a vampy blackened wine red
Near Dark - a swampy blackened green
Haunting- Black with silver sparkle
It's Alive- Swampy olive with multi-sized glitter

OMG I want 'It's Alive' SO badly!

Now let's take a look at Holiday - Watch out - there are TONS of Gift Sets!!

The holiday colors include: 

Velvet Bow - crimson creme
Winter Berry - bright red creme
Ring in the Red - red glitter - multi-sized glitter particles
Poinsettia - warmer bright red creme
Twinkle Lights - gold, green, and red glitter mix
Champagne Bubbles - golden yellow shimmer
Holly-Day - bright green creme
Glittering Garland - shimmering evergreen - is this what it's all a-'bough'-t?
Blue Year's Eve - Royal Blue Shimmer
Tinsel Town - Gunmetal glitter - multi-sized glitter particles
Icicle - silver metallic 
Snow Globe - iridescent white glitter - multi-sized glitter particles


Some of my favorites from the collection:

China Glaze Ring in the Red

China Glaze Snow Globe
China Glaze Tinseltown
China Glaze Twinkle Lights

Phew! That was A LOT of Holiday!  Awesome stuff, right?! I'm totally LOVING Tinseltown and Twinkle Lights the most!

Now for the non-holiday collections, get prepared to have your socks knocked off!!

First stop is ELECTROPOP!  Inspired by Gaga, the colors are bright and fun!

The colors in Electropop include:

Kinetic Candy - pale blue creme
Electric Beat - sky blue creme
Aquadelic - aqua creme
Gaga for Green - grass green creme
Sunshine Pop - yellow shimmer
Make Some Noise - red-orange creme
Wicked Style - pink-based red creme
Fuchsia Fanatic - Fuchsia creme
Gothic Lolita - Purple with blue/purple shimmer
Dance Baby - bubblegum pink creme
Sweet Hook - lilac-y pink creme
Techno - silver glitter with large hex holographic glitter

And the collection I think that I am the MOST excited to get my hands on...

EYE CANDY! Inspired by Marilyn Monroe, this collection of glitters is bound to be a girl's best friend. 

Colors/Glitters in the Eye Candy collection include: 

Blond Bombshell - gold  - multi-sized glitter particles
Love Marilyn - Red & silver  - multi-sized glitter particles
Material Girl - pale & darker pink  - multi-sized glitter particles
Marry a Millionaire - purple & multi-colored  - multi-sized glitter particles
Some Like it Haute - Gunmetal and iridescent - multi-sized glitter particles
Lorelei's Tiara - silver & teal  - multi-sized glitter particles

PHEW!  Did you make it this far?  Are you as thrilled for the upcoming collections from China Glaze as I am?  A lot of these colors are really freaking awesome!!  I swear I started drooling a little when I saw the Eye Candy Collection, and when I saw the Halloween set with the glow-in-the-dark polish and black crackle I kicked myself for not thinking of that before! lol

What is YOUR favorite upcoming collection? Is there a specific color you especially love and have to have?

Pink Wednesday and... I am a No Good Dirty Cheater ;D

Hello gentle readers. Happy hump day. (Any one handed surfers who just landed here, go ahead and hit the back button. This has nothing to do with humping. So, buh-bye, now.)

Today, I decided to get all of my glitter polishes for my Color Series swatched, photographed and ready to roll. My normal format is to do a manicure, photograph it and post it as a Manicure of the Moment. I don't often swatch, as I rarely, if ever have enough of a collection to make it worth while. But I decided to change it up, for this series. Glitters, while beautiful and fun to wear are also notoriously difficult to remove and to be perfectly honest, I was dreading applying seven full glitter manicures and all of the acetone and foil soaks I would have had to do, every day. Yipes! Cleaning off freshly applied swatches is much faster and easier. So, I cheated. :D

Besides, this is kind of a crappy day for me (Okay, in truth, it is a really, super, nasty-assed crappy day for me) and splashing around in all of that glitter actually helped to brighten my day a little and made me smile. Good medicine, methinks to help me feel a little better. :)

For today's Pink Wednesday post, after all of that swatching I just wanted a gentle, fresh, soft, light pink. One that was easy to apply, dried fast and didn't require much, if any cleanup. Enter Revlon Grapefruit Fizz. A delicate, shimmery pink jelly with tiny holo-ish glitter and... Wait for it... Flakies! Tiny, duochrome, colour shifting flakies. I applied two coats and topped it with Seche Vite. This polish is pretty sheer. And I don't care a whit. I like the soft, sheer quality and I am enjoying flaunting my VNL.

Revlon Grapefruit Fizz has a lovely formula that makes it a joy to apply. It flowed off my brush, settled sweetly right where I placed it and didn't give me a moment's trouble. I had so little cleanup, I think I picked up my cleanup brush... Twice? A new record for me, I think. lol Dry time is fast and Seche Vite made it even faster. This polish is sheer, as you can see. I applied two coats and it isn't anywhere near opaque. Which is perfectly fine with me. This polish is scented; the fragrance develops as it dries. It is supposed to be grapefruit scented. But it actually just smells sweet and pink, to me.

Do you own this polish? Have you worn it, yet? Please share your impressions.

My glitter Color Series begins tomorrow. I have put up a new poll to ask what you would like my October Colour Series to be so please don't forget to vote. So far, purple is out in front. Why am I not surprised? :D

Okay, it has been a long morning and I am dying for my lunch, so I am going to run along. Thank you all so much for popping in, have yourselves a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.

Three Years

R.J.M.  1941~2008

I love you Daddy. I will miss you, always.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Glitter Wins by a Length!

Hello gentle readers.

My poll has expired and my first Colour Series is officially glitter. Yay!! I have chosen seven glitter polishes to feature, tho I might... Might change my mind on one of them... I tried to select glitters that I either haven't featured in a Manicure of the Moment post or haven't shown for a good, long while.

Colour Series Week will begin on Thursday, September First. I thought about waiting until next Monday and running a proper week, but I can't wait that long, so a Thursday start date it is. :D

Time to put up my poll for October. I wonder what I should offer... I think I will put green, purple and orange, three Hallowe'en-y colours in October's Colour Series poll.

Thank you so much for voting. I really enjoy interacting with my readers and getting your input about what you would like to see and I hope that you enjoy my glitter colour series.

Okay, I need to take my dog out, so I will see you all tomorrow for Pink Wednesday. :D

Manicure of the Moment

Hello gentle readers. How's your Tuesday treating you? Mine? Eh... Okay, I suppose. It is another scorcher, today. I already have my windows and blinds closed tight and my air conditioning humming. Summer took it's time really getting going here, this year but it is making up for that, now. I just hope that the heat doesn't linger longer than it is supposed to. It is almost September and that is when I expect it to start cooling off. Yes, I do.

Okay, so... Today's mani is Revlon Carbonite. I originally fell hard in love with Chanel Graphite. But, with my stinky old budget and the fact that that polish is, apparently hard to get hold of, I knew that I would not ever have the chance to own it. I was sad. Until Revlon released their version. Yay!

Revlon Carbonite is kinda badass. This dark silver grey shimmer has a green-gold duochrome shift (which, unfortunately doesn't show in my photographs) that elevates it from being just another silver grey shimmer. (Not that there is anything wrong with silver grey shimmer! I happen to like them, just fine. :D) The only thing missing is the spark of tiny gold glitter that you get in Chanel Graphite. I am wondering... Hmmm... I think I need to pick up another bottle of this and do a little experimenting.

Anywhoozle. This polish. I applied two coats, it was almost, almost a one coat wonder. Just missed it by this much. I topped this manicure with Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat. (Which is scheduled for review, very soon.) I now have a minicure I am very happy with.

I was trying to think of Han Solo and carbonite (yes, spell checker, carbonite is so a word!) jokes but I am lame brained, this fine day, so you are spared. Aren't you glad? :P

Okay, on to the important part of this post... The photographs. All are, as ever, clickable for bigamousness. (I think I stole that word from someone... Glitta Gloves, maybe?)

I am still feeling out the best way to watermark my photos and I see that the Blogger Fairies have been playing with the photo uploader, again. A week just isn't a week without Blogger Fairies playing around with the works. :P

Revlon Carbonite is, as I said earlier, kinda badass. Hardcore, metallic with a great, subtle green-gold duochrome shift but it behaves like a perfect lady. The formula is thick, but not gloopy and it glides on and spreads perfectly, sitting down where it is placed without pooling, running, streaking or dragging. I had little, very little cleanup and that was my own careless fault and fussbudget refining. Dry time is really fast, made even faster with a quick dry top coat.

I really, really, really wanted Chanel Graphite but I think that I can be quite content with Revlon Carbonite. I like this polish a lot and I think it is going to get plenty of play in my rotation.

Do you have this polish? Do you have both Carbonite and Graphite? Love one or both?

Thank you so much for popping in and spending a little time with me. Have a terrific day and may your polish never bubble.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Cult Nails Hypnotic Collection

While at Cosmoprof this year, I had the pleasure of meeting Maria of Cult Nails fame. While I've heard wonderful things about her polishes, I had never gotten to see or try them in person...until now. Maria was generous enough to gift me a couple of her latest collection, the Hypnotic Collection, and  I am super excited to show them to you! These polishes far exceed my expectations, and the polish I didn't really think I'd like (it's so sheer, and my nails are so stained!) turned out to be the gem, and my favorite of the four!

The four colors included in the Hypnotic collection are In a Trance, Awakening, Enigmatic, and Hypnotize Me. 

Murky olive green shimmer that has hints of gold and coppery awesomeness.

This is the color I was SUPER excited to check out, and it surely didn't disappoint. When the sun hits this polish, it is stunning! A perfect color for fall, I wouldn't miss picking it up if I were you. 

Opacity scale (1-5): 3

Use for Konad: TBA 

Finish: Shimmer, 2-3 coats to be opaque

Winey purple with silver sparkle.

This silver sparkle in this seems to pick up different colors of the rainbow - at first I thought it was holographic, but it's not. Very pretty though! 

Opacity scale (1-5): 3

Use for Konad: TBA 

Finish: Shimmer, 2-3 coats to be opaque

OMG, look at that amazing deep blue sparkle!

Dusty teal creme

This, although simple, is a gorgeous color, and I wore it for 5 days straight!! Paired with Hypnotize Me, I truly couldn't keep my eyes off it (especially in sunlight!) This polish IS fairly sheer, but it did build up very nicely in only 3 coats. 

Opacity scale (1-5): 2

Use for Konad: TBA 

Finish: Creme, 3 coats to be opaque

Sheer green base with green and blue glitter. 

Though I would probably never wear this color on its own, since my nails are so stained, I absolutely adore this color over Awakening.  LOVE. IT. The glitter in this polish morphs from different angles and over different colors. This is a MUST purchase. Bear in mind that, like most glitters, this dries to a semi-matte, textured finish, so you'll definitely need a top coat like Seche Vite.

Opacity scale (1-5): 1

Use for Konad: TBA 

Finish: Glitter, a million coats to be opaque :-D

Cult Nails polishes can be found at www.cultnails.com and are sold for $10 per bottle. 

Disclosure: Polishes in this post were provided for review by the manufacturer.